Rest Day

Just a heads up we will be continuing our lifting this coming week but it will be a deload week which means we’re going to keep the weights light so that our bodies can recover. The following week we will crank up the music, jump on board the gainz train and hit those new PR’s!

Get outside and enjoy your weekend and Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

Upcoming workouts

  • Coming up on Monday will be an EMOM style workout were you will have five minutes to complete the work each round. As far as movements go we got burpees, deadlifts, hang power cleans and push jerks.

  • Our workout on Tuesday will be a quick little chipper style sprint with rowing, wall balls and toes to bar.

  • Wednesday will be a 20 minute workout with only two movements. One exercise will be running and the other will be something that we haven’t don’t in a workout yet. Anyone heard of a cluster before?

  • How about a 25 minute EMOM on Thursday! This will be completed kind of like “Fight Gone Bad” just with different movements. Plan on cranking out reps with the assault bike, kettlebells, rower, and reverse lunges.

  • Finishing the week on Friday will be a medium length AMRAP with burpee pull ups, dumbbell snatches and sit ups.

-Coach Shane