Rest Day

Its finally March and you know what that means… Spring is almost here! You better get yourself outside and enjoy that crisp cold air while you still have a chance because before you know it summer will be here along with the 90 degree temps that come with it.

We’re just about to wrap up the second Open workout of 2019 and I don’t know about you but I feel like they have been fairly simple in design yet deceptively difficult so far which is awesome! Keep up the hard work, do the best you can and most importantly, have fun.

Whats coming up

  • Thursday the 7th at 5pm CrossFit will announce the 3rd Open workout of 2019.

  • Our third Friday Night Lights event this year will take place on Friday the 8th with the first heat starting around 5:40pm. There will be no 5:30 or 6:30pm CrossFit classes held at that time.

  • Make sure and get your scores submitted for 19.2. The deadline is Monday before 5pm.

Upcoming workouts

  • We’ll start Monday off with heavy sets of push jerks, building to a heavy set of three then move on to a metcon that starts with a rowing buy in. Plan on doing light deadlifts, burpees over the barbell and more push jerks for the rest of it.

  • On Tuesday we’ll get some snatch accessory work in with the snatch balance and then do a nice descending/ascending rep scheme of double unders, sit ups, kettlebell swings and wall balls.

  • Wednesday will include some quality time on the Assault bike plus you get to hang out with Cindy a little bit.

  • The workout for Thursday will be another weakness day (area of improvement day). Keep the intensity low and focus on quality movement. Pick two movements or exercises that you feel challenges you the most or may need improvement and work on them for 20 min. Choose your own adventure!

  • The workout for Friday will be Open workout 19.3 and will be announced Thursday afternoon.

-Coach Shane