Rest Day

Upcoming workouts


Starting off the week will be a workout that includes a strength piece and then a shortish time frame workout with another descending rep scheme couplet. The strength focus will be the shoulder press and we will knock out three sets of three reps at a heavy 82%. The metcon will be really simple with only two movements, the deadlift and bar facing burpee. Our reps for both start at 15 and then go down by three each round.


The first day of October also brings a repeat workout that should prove to be a great test for the upcoming Open season. This one is called the “Bergeron Open Test” and we last completed it back in February if this year. It’s a chipper style workout with a time cap of 20 minutes. Movements include…everything.


We’ll perform a workout today that involves just one movement that is very simple but yet is a great test of endurance, the 5k row. We are limited in rowers and this is a medium length workout so please reserve your spot in class ahead of time to save your spot on a rower. The first 12 to reserve get dibs. This one is also a repeat. The skill session before the workout is the clean and jerk.


This week is chalk full of repeats and Thursday is no exception. “Helen” was last performed on 9/26/2018 and is one of the well known CrossFit benchmark workouts. There will be no strength piece today so that we can give max effort in the metcon. The movements include running, kettlebell swings and pull ups.


Starting off will be a lifting session with the back squat at a heavy 82% then we have an interesting workout that involves 10 rounds. Each round has to be completed in less than two minutes and you need to record the time it takes you to complete each round. If you like thrusters and double under then this workout is for you.

Coach Shane