Happy New Year!!


For Time:  
100 pullups  
100 pushups  
100 situps  
100 air squats

Today is the beginning of a brand new year and a chance to crush some new goals! Whatever your goals are, lets hear about them. As you enter your scores in Wodify write down one goal that you have for 2019 in the notes section or leave us a comment here.

Now let’s kick off the new year with a classic CrossFit benchmark called Angie which is one of the original six Girl workouts created by CrossFit’s founder Greg Glassman and was first posted on their site in 2005. Curious about the the other five original Girls? They are Barbara, Chelsea, Diane, Elizabeth and of course Fran. Check out this journal article for more info!

The rules

Now, we last completed Angie exactly one year ago so if you did this one last year check out your score and review any notes that you may have written down and come up with a strategy to improve your score this year. The rules are pretty simple, treat it like you would any other long chipper meaning you must complete all the reps of one movement before moving on to the next. As far as strategy goes, break those pull ups and push ups into small manageable chunks with short rest breaks, go for large sets on the sit ups and just keep a steady pace on the squats.

How about some quick stats

  • The average time for this workout is 20-25 minutes.

  • Want to go to the Games? Try shooting for a time of 15 minutes or faster.