Rest Day

I hope you got a chance to get outside this weekend and do some fun activities even though 19.3 pretty much destroyed everyones legs. As painful as it may be, keeping yourself moving and staying active will benefit you in the long run and help prevent stiffness and is a great way to recover.

With three Open workouts completed that leaves only two more left and its anyones guess what the movements may be. But keep in mind here are some of the movements that always show up in the Open that we haven’t seen yet this year:

  • Chest to bar pull ups

  • Bar muscle up

  • Ring muscle up

  • Thrusters

  • Deadlifts

  • Snatches (dumbbell and barbell)



  • The scores for 19.3 are due Monday the 11th before 5pm. Please get them turned in as soon as possible and don’t forget your tiebreak time.

  • Open workout 19.4 will be announced Thursday the 14th at 5pm.

  • Join us Friday the 15th for our fourth Friday night lights event of 2019. First heat starts at 5:40pm

Upcoming workouts

  • Monday will be a three part workout separated by 5 minute rest breaks and includes movements that may or may not show up in the Open. Plan for thrusters, chest to bar pull ups, rowing and a few reps of toes to bar.

  • The workout on Tuesday will be a short sprint with burpees, assault bike and hang squat cleans!

  • Wednesday will be a burner consisting of box jump overs and double unders!

  • Because we are still in the middle of the Open season and its anyones guess what Friday will be, Thursday will be another weakness day.

  • We’ll just have to wait until Thursday at 5pm to see what Fridays workout will be. Oh the suspense!