Rest Day

If you have been inside the gym this past week you have probably seen the changes to the layout of pretty much everything and we do apologize if it’s causing some confusion but if things wern’t constantly varied it wouldn’t be CrossFit right? On a serious note, we are in the process of just trying to figure out the best location for everything so that we can continue to provide the most efficient, effective and fun environment for everyone. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know, we love hearing from you!


  • Don’t forget February 1st will be our 3 year anniversary and we will be hosting a party starting at 6:30pm which means that class will be cancelled that day. The food will be potluck style.

  • Keep chipping away at that 100k meter rowing challenge you only have 12 more days to get it done. Check out my blog post about rowing for some tips and tricks. Special edition shirts will soon be available for purchase.

  • The CrossFit Open is getting closer so go check out to get all signed up. If you are interested in helping us judge during our “Friday Night Lights” events check out the online courses site to take the Judges course.

  • January 21st is Martin Luther King Jr. day and we will be open normal hours.

What’s coming up

  • Martin Luther King Jr. day is on Monday and the workout will be in his honor. It will be chipper style with high volume cleans, wall balls, pull ups, kettlebell swings and front squats.

  • Tuesday will be very similar to “Fight Gone Bad” meaning you will be working in one minute intervals. The movements include an Assault bike sprint, dumbbell snatches, burpees, double unders and some rest time. The skill work will be snatch focused.

  • We will have another re-test on Wednesday with Open workout 18.4 which means there will be lots of time spent upside down as well as picking up heavy objects. This workout will have a 9 minute time cap for your score but we will go until completion. No skill or strength session today.

  • On Thursday we will work on box squats and then move on to the metcon which will include walking lunges, GHD sit ups and pull ups.

  • Weather permitting, on Friday we will be doing some 400 meter runs along with a fairly high dose of sumo deadlift high pulls and bar facing burpees. The run may change to a 500 meter row depending on the weather.

Some of the movements and/or workouts may change during the week and I will always do my best to let you know if anything has changed. Check out the daily workout posts for any updates.

-Coach Shane