Rest Day


  • Get ready for Murph on Memorial Day. The workout includes two miles of running and a high volume of pull ups, push ups and air squats. We will also be operating on holiday days which means only two classes will be offered, 8:30am and 5:30pm and weight vests will be firsts come first serve.

  • Get ready to update your one rep max numbers this week. The first max lift will be on Tuesday the 21st.

Upcoming workouts

  • No lifting on Monday but you will have a chance to retest a benchmark workout! This one was last performed almost a year ago. Plan to do five rounds of running 400 meters, a few box jumps and wall balls.

  • Tuesday we will start our first round of max lifts with the deadlift. The metcon will be very “Franish” with thrusters and pull ups.

  • Coming up on Wednesday we’ll knock out the bench press before moving on to an AMRAP of double unders, toes to bar and push ups.

  • The back squat will be our max lift on Thursday and the workout will be a fun couplet of running and power cleans at a moderate weight.

  • Let’s work on skills and turn our weaknesses into our strengths with a low intensity “Goat Day” on Friday. Before that we will do our final lift which is the shoulder press.