Rest Day

Happy rest day everyone! Get outside and enjoy some summer time shenanigans! I do apologize for the missing posts lately, you can call me names next time you see me if you want. Here’s what’s coming up next week. Peace.

Upcoming workouts

  • We’re going to go ahead and work those legs on Monday starting with the back squat as our strength piece, with increased weight of course. Then we will move into a interval style workout with wall balls, push presses and…the assault bike! But don’t worry there is rest time built in.

  • A little bit of shoulder work on Tuesday. The strength piece will be the shoulder press and the metcon will be rounds for time of three movements including the front squat, pull ups and double unders.

  • Wednesday is all about picking heavy things up and putting them down again. Lets build some raw strength by doing some heavy deadlifts and then crank out a little metcon filled with rowing, more deadlifts (at bodyweight) and box jumps.

  • On Thursday we get to use the rings! We’re going to step away from the barbell today and focus on a super technical gymnastics movement (ring muscle ups) and kettlebell snatches. These are two movements we haven’t done in a long time…so exciting.

  • Lets grab the barbell again on Friday and do some heavy bench presses. Our nasty little metcon will be a Ben Bergeron classic called “TNT” and includes power snatches, power clean and jerks and thrusters. Do it as fast as you can!

Go kick some butt! We’ll see you next week!

-Coach Shane