Rest Day

Happy Sunday, who’s ready for this awesome fall weather? Just a quick heads up you will notice a slight change to the “fitness” programming starting on Monday. The movements and exercises in that part of the programming will be primarily bodyweight movements, kettlebells, box jumps, etc. This is a great option if you don’t feel like using a barbell on a particular day or simply prefer bodyweight style workouts. The “performance” workouts will remain unchanged and will include scaling options as well.

Upcoming workouts


Today is a chipper style workout with only two movements, the power clean and running! As you progress through the workout the reps and distance will decrease and the idea is to maintain intensity as you fatigue. Before that we will do some bench pressing but the weight will be kept around 50% of 1RM so we can deload and let the body recover before going heavy again.


This one will be a quick 10 minute AMRAP with three movements, the deadlift, overhead squat and hang power snatches and only one barbell will be used. The overhead squat will certainly be the deciding factor as far as weight goes and the deadlift will be very light. The lifting portion of the day will be the deadlift but will be kept light.


This day starts off with some light shoulder presses before jumping into a workout that’s all cardio and abs. Plan on rowing a total distance of 1500 meters and knocking out 150 ab-mat sit ups. Keep in mind the CrossFit Open is just around the corner so if your thinking about GHD’s just remember that…


Because we have no idea what Fridays workout will be, this day will be spent working on two weaknesses or areas of improvement that you get to choose. After deciding what you want to work on, we will spend 20 minutes practicing quality movements, not intensity.


CrossFit Open 20.1…TBD

-Coach Shane