Rest Day

The end of the year is fast approaching and what a year it has been! Just a quick reminder that the schedule will be a little different on New Years Day but will resume to normal hours after that. Here is a quick list of events and schedule changes coming up:

  • New Years Eve will be regular schedule

  • New Years Day we will be operating on “holiday hours” which means classes will be 8:30am and 5:30pm only.

Here’s what to expect this week as far as programming goes but first I just want to mention that we are currently in the process of reviewing all of your awesome feedback and are in the process of making some changes so that all of you can continue to have the best hour of your day here at DCF!

Right now programming is currently being taken directly from as well as and is very much a GPP program which typically means metabolic conditioning workouts occur more frequently due to their health increasing benefits. Strength is also included although less frequently and not typically in “cycles”.

Now here’s what’s coming up this week:

  • On Monday which is also New Years Eve we will be doing an end of the the year chipper which will include 31 reps of 12 movements. Expect to be doing a little bit of everything today.

  • Tuesday’s workout will be Angie which is a repeat workout that we last did exactly a year ago. This will be a great opportunity to see how our body weight movements have improved. Expect lots of pull ups, push ups, sit ups and air squats. Don’t forget, holiday hours only!

  • The push jerk will be our heavy lift on Wednesday and will be done in sets of three. Don’t worry this is our first time doing push jerks in a while and you didn’t miss any days. The metcon will be an EMOM with hang cleans and burpee box jumps!

  • Thursday will be interval day! Time to get comfortable on the rower!

  • Time for a sprint on Friday. Sumo deadlift high pulls and ring muscle ups. Get this one done in under 6 minutes!