Rest Day

Upcoming workouts


This one will have a similar structure as last Friday’s workout meaning you will start out with three rounds and then two and finally one round at the end of the workout. Expect heavy abdominal work with the GHD machine along with cardio work on the Assault bike. We will also get the opportunity to work on grip strength with strict pull ups and a heavy farmers carry. No strength piece today.


Starting we will complete three sets of five reps back squat at 80% of your current max. Make sure and get your accessory weighted lunges in after each working set. The workout is a benchmark workout called “Fight Gone Bad” which was last performed back in January if this year.


Because of the shorter time domain we will have plenty of time to work on skills. Before the metcon we will spend some time working on the clean and jerk. It is a building rep scheme but remember Olympic lifting is all about technique and consistency. Make those two things your priority and think of this part as skill work, not weight lifting. The actual metcon is three rounds of hang squat cleans and burpees.


Let’s get the upper body stronger with some bench pressing using a 3x3 rep scheme and heavier weights than last week. Always have a spotter on your working sets and perform 10 bent over dumbbell rows after each set. The metcon has a 21-15-9 rep scheme of ring muscle ups and single arm dumbbell overhead squats at a heavy 70/50. This is one of the workouts performed during the 2017 regionals event.


Starting with deadlifts, warm up and then perform a 3x3 at 82% of your 1RM while also completing your accessory core work between each working set. After that we’ll do a workout that has a familiar interval format. Every three minutes for seven rounds perform a calorie row plus hang power snatches. Each round you will increase your weight and the score will be total load.

-Coach Shane