Rest Day

Happy happy rest day! Get outside, soak up some UV’s and enjoy some BBQ! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and got to spend time with family and friends.

Just to give you a heads up on our current lifting cycle, this upcoming week we will only have two days of lifting so that we can get caught up on our two upper body lifts. The following week will be a “deload” week and then we will find new maxes after that. Once we have updated our numbers we will change it up a little bit with a different type of lifting cycle.

As far as the metcon’s go, the majority of the workouts have been coming from Crossfit New England which is a gym owned and operated by the legendary Ben Bergeron. There are workouts that are thrown into the week that come from different sources with some of them being programmed as a result of your feedback! If there is a workout that you are just itching to do and want to see it programmed let me know!

Upcoming workouts

  • We are a little behind on our upper body lifts so lets knock out the shoulder press on Monday before jumping into the metcon. The workout today is a grip and core monster that includes six rounds of assault bike, heavy farmers carry and strict toes to bar.

  • Its been a little while but on Tuesday we’re going to have a little fun with some Tabata intervals. Anyone ever heard of “Tabata This”? Only your lowest reps count so push your self.

  • Who likes running, picking up a heavy barbell and then jumping over it? Wednesday includes three rounds of 800 meter runs, moderately heavy deadlifts and burpees over the barbell.

  • Thursday will be our other lifting day so get ready for some heavy bench press! Then, if you missed out on the assault bike on Monday you get another crack at it today. We also get to work on that challenge by doing so kettlebell swings, do a little more core maintenance with the ab mat sit up and work the legs with a goblet squat.

  • Finishing off the week, the Friday workout includes several 200 meter sprints as well as an ascending rep scheme of front squats.

Enjoy your week and remember to listen to your body. There is no shame in taking a rest day and as a matter of fact those days are super important for maximum gains and health. Take some time to relax and get outside!

-Coach Shane