Rest Day

Spring is in the air, the grass is getting greener and the temperature is getting warmer which makes getting outside and having fun so much easier.

As you probably already know I’m a huge advocate of spending time outside and putting that fitness that was worked on during the week to good use. But did you know that spending time outside in nature with the fresh air has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety? A recent study that included about 290 million people shows that the more time you spend in the great outdoors can significantly improve health markers that effect things such as high blood pressure, stress levels, risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Long story short, get outside and breath the fresh air! Pull the bike out of the garage, go for a walk, play some frisbee in the park or climb a mountain. This week has been a pretty brutal week of workouts but you all have crushed it, now let the body recover and prepare for a new week. Also, make sure and have your favorite pair of running shoes on standby because there might be a few long runs in your future…


  • Check out coach Sonja’s recent blog post where she explains what CrossFit is and why we do what we do. This is a three part series so stay tuned and don’t forget to leave a comment or give her a like!

  • Team shirts are in! Contact your team captain for more details and payment info.

  • The Festivus Games takes place on April 27th at Fall Out CrossFit in Kennewick. Last day to register is April 20th.

  • Check out the Strongman course coming up May 4th at Natural Section CrossFit in Kennewick. Movements include lifting atlas stones, heavy farmers carries, tire flips, etc.

Upcoming workouts

This week our weightlifting percentages will be kept light as we transition into a “deload” week. The only exception will be the bench press which will be the 5-3-1+ rep scheme. The goal of a “deload” week is to allow your body time to recover and heal itself. The following week we will resume the heavy weights.

  • On Monday we’ll start out with the deadlift in our weightlifting portion. The metcon will also include the deadlift along with barbell facing burpees, and the Assault Bike.

  • Tuesday our lift will be the bench press and it will be heavy so be safe and have a spotter. Our metcon will be all bodyweight and include jump ropes, air squats and rowing.

  • The workout for Wednesday will be a popular Benchmark that we haven’t done yet. This one is named after Nicole Carroll and consists of two movements, running and pull ups.

  • Good running shoes will be important on Thursday. This single modality workout will be a good opportunity to rack up some miles and get us ready for Murph. Make it harder ad throw a vest on!

  • An AMRAP is planned for Friday that consists of five movements. These movements are power snatches, overhead squats, hang power cleans, rowing and double unders.

-Coach Shane