Rest Day

Upcoming workouts


Starting off the week will be a chipper style workout with some of the most popular movements found in CrossFit. Plan for hang power snatches, overhead squats and running. The weight won’t be too heavy (95/65) and the run will be a quick 200 meter sprint. This one could take a little time so there will be no strength piece today.


Let’s practice the clean and jerk a little more today before jumping into the metcon which will be a hero workout in honor of Robert Evans who died leaving the North Tower on 9/11. This one is a short time domain workout with a 21-15-9 rep scheme. The two movements in this couplet include the squat clean and handstand push ups.


Continuing on with the strength cycle we will go back to the deadlift at 78% of 1RM. Keep in mind that, like other cycles we have gone through, you will add 10 pounds to your current max and then base your percentages off of that. The workout itself is a descending rep scheme monster with ab-mat sit ups, assault bike calories and more deadlifts.


The shoulder press lifting piece will be at a heavy 82% of our 1RM with a 3x3 rep scheme. Remember to keep the midline tight and heels on the ground. After that, grab a dumbbell and your jump rope and get ready for a 15 minute AMRAP of double unders, dumbbell clean and jerks and rowing for calories.


The second to last day of August! Today will be very much a leg day by starting off with heavy back squats at 82%. Then just like Monday this workout will be a chipper style WOD just with different movements of course. This one will have walking lunges, bear crawls and dumbbell box step ups with one dumbbell.

-Coach Shane