Rest Day

A late post but still a good one…I hope! This Spring weather is awesome and I hope everyone got a chance to get outside and enjoy it this weekend! Spend time with family, eat good food and enjoy the simple things in life. Rest up and prepare for an awesome Monday.

See you next week!


  • Congratulations to Michael Kline on passing his CrossFit L1 training course. He might be your coach this summer!

  • On Sunday May 19th we will be hosting a memorial workout in Honor of Deputy Ryan Thompson.

  • Dana Walcker is looking for volunteers to help direct traffic on Sunday May 26th at the Onion Man Triathlon. Free food from A Wing and a Prayer and Blue Palm Frozen Yogurt may be in your future!

Upcoming workouts

  • We’re going heavy this week! On Monday we will start off with heavy deadlifts before jumping into a metcon full of strict pull ups, overhead squats and light deadlifts. Those strict pull ups will make you stronger…I promise.

  • Let’s get the upper body stronger with some heavy benching on Tuesday then work our way through a three part workout with the Assault bike and thrusters, that’s it. You also get rest time.

  • We will do some heavy back squats on hump day Wednesday then wrap up with a dumbbell workout very similar to a certain Open workout. Overhead lunges, box step ups and hang clean and jerks.

  • There is only one lift left and that is the shoulder press, go heavy and test your limits on Thursday. Our metcon is all cardio! Plan for some quality rower time and 400 meter sprints!

  • Wrapping up the week on Friday will be a hero workout in honor of First Sergeant Michael Bordelon. Plan for power cleans, front squats, jerks and yes more pull ups.

-Coach Shane