Rest Day

Happy Sunday! I hope that you have gotten plenty of outdoor time over the weekend and spent lots of quality time with family and friends.

If you have noticed a slight change or “feel” in the programming that is because I have changed where I am getting the workouts. In the past I have pulled most of the workouts from but have slowly been incorporating more workouts from Rich Froning’s gym, CrossFit Mayhem. Hopefully by doing this it will add a little more variance and overall pace to the daily workouts. Let me know what you think, I’m always curious to know what you think about the programming.


  • January is coming to an end and February is fast approaching so you know what that means…the Destination CrossFit anniversary party!! The event will be on Friday February 1st and will start at 6:30pm (no 6:30pm class) and will feature a fancy red carpet, prizes, potluck style food, a slideshow and so much more. See you there!

  • The CrossFit Open begins February 21st but will be a little different than it was last year. As of right now, CrossFit will not be featuring live announcements of the workouts and will simply post the workouts online. We will continue to have our Friday Night Lights events. Stay tuned for any changes.

  • February 2nd will be the first Saturday of the month which means it’s a free day. Anyone who wants to try out CrossFit can drop into our 9am class, free of charge!

  • The 100k meter rowing challenge will wrap up January 31st. Make sure and send us an email if you would like to purchase the special edition rowing shirt! If you have an idea for our next challenge let us know!

  • Dave Durante of Power Monkey Fitness will be back February 16th to host another full day gymnastics clinic that will focus on handstand push ups, handstand walking and muscle ups. This will be a great course to take right before the CrossFit Open.

Upcoming workouts

  • The workout for Monday will be a quick little chipper and it will be a burner! The movements include snatches, clean and jerks and thrusters performed at “Fran” weight. But before we knock that out we will work on some accessory movements like the sotts press and snatches balances.

  • For those of you who still have some rowing to catch up on, Tuesday may help you out. There will be a couple 1,000 meter rows along with toes to bars and front squats.

  • The workout on Wednesday will be a short hero workout in honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor. Movements will be handstand push ups, ring dips and push ups.

  • Thursday will be another chance to get outside and get some fresh air! We’ll be doing rounds for time of back squats and running.

  • Friday, which is also our 3 year anniversary, will have some deadlifts, GHD sit ups and push ups. This one will be a very core taxing workout and proper form on the deadlift is always critical. Always remember quality is always number one followed by weight and intensity.

One last thing, these workouts can change from time to time due to a bunch of different factors and I will always do my best to let you guys know if that happens. Have a kick ass week!

-Coach Shane