Rest Day

April showers bring May flowers! I always encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine but in this case you might opt to stay inside and read a book, watch a good movie or binge watch Netflix (while foam rolling and or stretching of course). But if you’re a fan of liquid sunshine then by all means get outside!


  • Those of you who are interested in picking up and moving odd heavy objects might be interested in the Strongman course coming up May 4th at Natural Selection CrossFit in Kennewick. Anyone can participate and there are no prerequisites. Learn how to get better at farmers carries, tire flips, atlas stones, etc.

  • Also coming up on May 4th is the Jurassic Classic which will take place at CrossFit 12 Stones in Kennewick. This is a one day mixed pair competition with 35-44 and 45+ age groups.

  • The Festivus Games will take place April 27th at Fall Out CrossFit in Kennewick and will be mixed pairs (1 male + 1 female). Last day to register is April 20th.

Upcoming workouts

  • Let’s start the week off with a benchmark! This one will be bodyweight only and is a popular strategy to use during the Murph workout! It’s time to meet Cindy on Monday.

  • Tuesday will involve lots of time picking heavy stuff up and putting it down again. We’ll start with heavy deadlifts in the strength portion and then move on to a triplet of lighter deadlifts, jumping over a box and push jerks.

  • On Wednesday plan to start off with heavy bench presses. The metcon will involve three parts with descending reps. Movements include rowing, front squats, toes to bar, hang squat cleans, burpees and thrusters.

  • Back squats will be the heavy lift on Thursday. Our metcon will be rounds for time and involve three movements like the kettlebell swing, ab mat sit ups and wall balls.

  • The last workout of the week will be kind of strict! Friday we’ll start off with shoulder presses then start working our way through an AMRAP of power cleans, strict handstand push ups and pull ups!

-Coach Shane