Rest Day

Happy Sunday! Make sure you are getting yourself outside and using that fitness that you work so hard on during the rest of the week to improve. Venture out in the snow and learn new sports like snowboarding, skiing or snowshoeing. Create a new sport like a sled jump competition (or tree dodging), snow ball fight championship or run from a giant snow ball rolling down a hill for time (true story). Or you could practice some active recovery like most creative snow angel or igloo building, just get your butt outside!


  • The first Open workout of 2019 will be announced on February 21st. The style will be a little different than years past but will still be fun to watch.

  • February 22nd will be our Friday Night Lights event. Those who are signed up for the Open will get judged and the atmosphere is super fun and motivating.

  • Power monkey fitness camp will be hosting an all day gymnastics course on Saturday, February 16th. Check out their site for more info.

Upcoming workouts

  • Coming up on Monday plan to knock out a couple 21-15-9 rep scheme workouts with toes-to-bar, burpees over a barbell and push press. You also get rest time between rounds! Plan for back squats before the WOD.

  • Tuesday will be an Open workout repeat and was the first workout of 2011 and 2014. Bring your jump rope. The lift before the workout will be the push jerk.

  • The workout on Wednesday will be really fun and will also be the same rep scheme as Monday but this workout will be a 20 minute E5MOM. The movements will be rowing for calories and air squats.

  • Thursday is Valentines day and that means the workout will be a partner workout! It will be a fairly long workout with a little bit of everything. Thank CrossFit Brier Creek for this one.

  • Finishing off the week on Friday will be a quick little AMRAP couplet with heavy deadlifts and GHDs.