Rest Day


  • Want to improve your kettlebell swing? Dr. Webber will be hosting a kettlebell swing clinic on June 29th at 10:15. Cost is only $5 and spots are limited! Sign up at the front desk.

  • The box will be closed July 4th and the team will be hanging out at Pioneer park with our fancy booth. Come by and chill with us or participate in our little challenge. If you would like to volunteer with set up or tear down sign up at the front desk!

Upcoming workouts

  • Starting off on Monday we will go a little bit heavier on the bench press and do some sets of three. The metcon will be a nice descending rep scheme triplet with 200 meter sprints, toes to bar and burpees.

  • On Tuesday lets throw some more weights on the bar and crank out some heavy deadlifts. After that we have a workout that includes the sumo deadlift high pull, a movement we haven’t done in a while, and walking lunges.

  • No strength piece on Wednesday but you should think about bringing your running shoes. This workout from CrossFit New England has multiple 400 meter sprints along with a good mix of push ups, kettlebell swings, sit ups, deadlifts, air squats and box jumps. Good times!

  • As we roll into Thursday we’ll knock out a few heavy shoulder presses before moving on to a classic CrossFit benchmark. This one is super fast and will be over quickly. This fun one is called Grace and we last tested this one back in July of 2017. There’s nothing but clean and jerks in this one!

  • Let’s work those legs with the back squat on Friday. The workout will be an AMRAP with strict pull ups and dumbbell work like deadlifts and front squats. Also a little assault bike work might be sprinkled in just for good measure.

-Coach Shane