Rest Day

Although today is a rest day at the box I always encourage everyone to get outside and use their fitness in as many ways as possible such as learning a new sport or participating in some sort of active recovery activity like an easy bike ride, a walk around the lake or a light jog. Just remember, whatever you choose to do for active recovery keep it at a lower intensity level because the goal is to simply move to increase circulation and loosen you up a bit.

As we head into next week here’s what to expect for the daily workouts. The format has changed just a little bit and each class will include a little bit more skill work such as gymnastics, strength components and/or accessory work as part of the warm up. With that being said, only the main workout will be posted on the site.

  • On Monday the plan is to do some single arm dumbbell work like squat snatches at a fairly heavy weight. Also expect to get some running in at shorter distances.

  • There might be a fight on Tuesday and it will probably go bad…experienced CrossFitters know what I’m talking about.

  • Wednesday will be on the shorter side with only two movements, toes to bar and power cleans.

  • Thursday will be a heavy day and will include two movements, the back squat and the thruster. The Performance metcon will be muscle ups only.

  • On Friday there will be squat snatches with some double unders sprinkled in. Also plan to add weight each round.