Rest Day

Another month down and April is on its way so put those snow boots and jackets away, get out your sandals and tank tops and start soaking in those rays because spring is here and its time to play outside!

In case you haven’t heard we have a new monthly challenge that is starting April 1st and the running lovers will throw a party because its all about putting one foot in front of the other. Those who accept the challenge will run as far as they can in the month of April trying to rack up as many miles as they can. The person with the most miles wins! So grab your favorite pair of running shoes, your favorite music and maybe even your 20 pound vest and have fun.

We also want to congratulate everyone again on kicking butt in this years CrossFit Open competition, the countless PRs and success stories were truly inspiring and it shows how hard you all work throughout the year. With the Open season comes a little change up in the schedule and a slight tweaking of the programming as you probably noticed with the “Goat Days”. Now that the season is over we will resume the usual workouts and class schedule which also means no workouts or Open gym time will be available on Sundays. This also coincides with the changing of the weather and the importance of getting outside the box and using your fitness by playing sports, going for a bike ride, traveling or just spending time with friends in the great outdoors.

Cheers to another month and good luck on the running challenge.


  • Get ready to run! April 1st we will kick off the running challenge and whoever travels the farthest wins! Throw on that 20lbs vest and get ready for Murph

  • Speaking of Murph, May 27th will be the day we get to honor this American hero with some running, pull ups, push ups and squats.

  • Coach Sonja will start her first day as our new full time coach on April 1st! She might be your coach in the mornings and afternoons!

Upcoming workouts

  • You might want to bring your knee sleeves and a pair of gloves to the workout on Monday (April 1st). Or running shoes…

  • On Tuesday we get to do some wall balls, carry some heavy kettlebells around the block and spend some time pushing ourselves upside down.

  • Everyone’s favorite squat on Wednesday. We’re looking at overhead squats, box jumps, toes to bar and rowing!

  • Thursday will be a fun EMOM with running, burpees and dumbbell snatches. By the way the burpees have to be done over the dumbbell.

  • For Friday we all have the opportunity to practice the double under again! We also get to do some push jerks and spend some quality time on the Assault bike!

-Coach Shane