Rest Day

I hope you all are having a fantastic rest day and got to spend plenty of time outdoors playing in the snow with family and friends. I just want to give you a heads up before up get to the gym tomorrow that some things have been moved around and it looks like a totally different space.

We are working on creating an awesome chill zone up by the front desk with the warm up area being close by. The small rig has been moved and the location of pretty much everything has changed so don’t get scared when you show up tomorrow, you’re still in the same gym. Also, I want to thank everyone who showed up this morning and helped out with the reorganization we couldn’t have done it without you!


  • February 1st will be Destination CrossFit’s 3 year anniversary and we will be having a party starting at 6:30pm with potluck style food. The 6:30pm class will be cancelled that day.

  • Registration for the 2019 Open is currently live and the first workout will be announced on February 21st

  • Don’t forget to keep chipping away at the rowing challenge, January 31st is the last day of our row 100k meters challenge.

Whats coming up

  • On Monday we will do a version of “Fran” called “Complex Fran” and involves bar muscle ups, chest to bar pull ups, chin over bar pull ups and of course thrusters.

  • Tuesday will be a retest as well as a good opportunity to get prepped for the 2019 Open. The workout will include dumbbell squats, burpees and heavy cleans.

  • The main focus on Wednesday will be heavy lifting with a newish lift, the sumo deadlift.

  • One more workout with a dumbbell on Thursday with push jerks and GHD sit ups

  • Finish off the week on Friday with a descending rep scheme, med ball cleans and box jumps. Thank Crossfit Mayhem for this one.