Rest Day

It’s Sunday funday! As we move into a new week be prepared to lift heavy again so start thinking about that new one rep max that you’ve been planning for some time now. The workouts this week will include a whole bunch of fun activities including rope climbs, snatches and the undisputed favorite, the Turkish get-up!

Also, there will be a couple of days with running in the workouts and as some of you already know the parking lot is no longer available for running so the 400 meter route will revert back to the original which is one lap around the block. We are working on new 200 and 400 meter routes and will let you know ASAP.

Upcoming workouts

  • Let’s pick heavy stuff up and put it back down again on Monday! The max lift will be the deadlift and proper technique is everything. The two reasons why we do the good morning before deadlifts is because it not only gets our hamstrings and lower back ready but it also preps us for proper movement. The hip hinge and back position used during the good morning is almost identical to that of the deadlift. Remember that next time you lift. You’ll be back on the bike for the metcon plus you get to work the core with the toes to bar and practice so Oly lifting with the clean and jerk.

  • Find your new shoulder press max on Tuesday. Remember that this movement is upper body only and if the legs move or the heels come off the ground…no rep. After that the workout is body weight only with lots of cardio. It will be 20 minutes of running, rowing and couple rounds of “Cindy”.

  • You get a break from lifting on Wednesday so that you get plenty of time to complete a hero workout called “Arnie” and it involves lots of time with the kettlebell. This one will be fun, it has a few kettlebell swings, overhead squats and…Turkish get ups! All with a kettlebell. We did this one once before back on April 27, 2018.

  • Let’s get back to weightlifting on Thursday with the back squat. Then get ready for four rounds of 400 meter runs, box jump overs and rope climbs. Remember the 400 meter route has been changed back to the old route which is one lap around the building. This day is all about the legs!

  • Last but not least we have a benchmark workout on Friday called “Isabel”. This one is fast and only has one movement, the snatch at 135/95. The goal is to go moderately heavy but still complete all 30 reps in under 5 minutes. Don’t go super light unless this movement is new to you, make it challenging. We’ll get the shoulders warm up before hand with a little bench press 1RM.