September 15, 2018

With a partner, complete 3 of the following workouts as fast as possible.

1) Partner Fran (42-30-18 Thrusters + Pull Ups) Split Reps Evenly
2) Partner 3,000 Meter Row
3) Partner 1 Mile Med Ball Run 20/14
4) Partner Diane (42-30-18 Deadlifts + Handstand Push Ups) Split Reps Evenly
5) Partner GI Jane (100 Burpee Pull Ups) Split Reps Evenly
6) Partner Elizabeth (42-30-18 Cleans + Ring Dips) Split Reps Evenly

Today’s partner workout features 6 different choices and the goal here is for you and your partner to choose 3 and complete them as fast as possible. All reps will be split evenly but can be broken down any way you agree upon. Courtesy of CrossFit Recursive.