Rest Day

Three years ago Destination CrossFit opened up its doors and held its very first 5:30am class with a group of six early risers. There were only six classes per day to choose from, the noon and 3:30pm classes were not even considered yet and total membership was 34 people. We also followed “Invictus” programming which, for those of you who may not be familiar with that style of programming, is made up of multiple parts that took up the entire chalkboard. Jumping ahead three years, there are nine classes throughout the day with many classes often exceeding 16 people and membership has climbed close to 200 amazing and inspirational people.

These past three years have been an incredible ride and the energy and positive vibes that you all radiate is incredible. I’ve talked to many people who say they drive or walk by every day and are truly amazed every time they look through the windows and witness incredible people doing incredible things. Things that many people feel they simply cannot do. On occasion, those people muster up the courage and decide to walk through the doors, which often times is intimidating and one of the most difficult things to do, and change their lives forever. But that’s what it’s all about, doing something every day that scares you and really challenges you because that’s how we grow.

Never be afraid to make the leap and venture outside your comfort zone. Always be willing to take a chance and be brave with your life and never settle for ordinary. Cheers to another three years!


  • February 21st will be the beginning of the 2019 CrossFit Open so be sure and get signed up! The event announcement will be different this year but word on the street is there will still be a live announcement. We could always use more judges, check out the courses page to take the test.

  • Power Monkey Fitness will be back on Saturday February 16th which means no partner workout will be held that day. Topics will include handstand walk, handstand push ups and ring work.

Upcoming workouts

  • Coming up on Monday we’ll get some dumbbells in our hands and knock out some thrusters. There will also be some rope climbs sprinkled in so prep your legs accordingly.

  • Tuesday you only have to do two movements as quickly as possible. Plan to do a quick rowing sprint and burpees…over the rower.

  • You get more GHD time on Wednesday as well as an opportunity to practice your ring muscle up.

  • Thursday will be a repeat and I’ve been told it’s everyones favorite workout. You will be spending some more time on the rower this week but most time will be spent getting a dumbbell from the ground to over your head and back down again…Turkish style.

  • Weather permitting, on Friday plan to run short sprints and do a few power cleans at a heavy weight. Don’t worry there will be some rest time built in.

-Coach Shane