February 3, 2018

With a partner perform this workout for time. While one partner is running 200 meters, the other is inside flipping over cards from a standard 52 card deck with 2 jokers. 
Suits refer to the exercise: 
Hearts = Push-ups
Spades = Box jumps 24/20
Clubs = Air squats
Diamonds =  Sit ups

The number on the card refers to the number of reps to be completed. 
Face cards = 10
Aces = 10 Burpee penalty to opposing team
Jokers = 15 burpees 

When the partner returns from the run, the partners switch places. The team continues working until they've pulled every card from the deck and both partners are in the building.

Score is total time

Interested in giving CrossFit a try? This Saturday at 9am will be our monthly free workout day where anyone can come in and give it a shot!