January 12, 2018


"Birchall" For time

100 Back Squats (Bodyweight)

5 Burpees EMOM. Start with burpees

So today the shoulders and arms get a break but the legs won’t be so lucky. This is a hero workout named after Major Sean Birchall of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards who died in an explosion in Afghanistan on June 19, 2009. Its also dedicated to Lt Paul Mervis, Robert McClaren, and Cyrus Thatcher who died in the same month.

The workout begins with 5 burpees before starting the back squats, then stop and perform 5 burpees every minute after that until the 100 back squats are completed. Time domain for this workout will be in the 15-20 minute range. Rx weight is bodyweight. Scale the weight as needed to finish within the time correct time frame. Take from the squat rack.