At Destination CrossFit we know each client is unique. There is no ‘best’ diet and no standard template that will work for everyone.  We also know it’s not just about the food.  There are many other factors that influence what we eat, how we eat and why we eat. With our nutrition coaching, we will not ask you to give up all your favorite foods, or follow a specific diet; we believe in creating realistic plans that will help build healthy habits and create lasting changes.  Our nutrition coaching is tailored to each individual, taking body type, lifestyle, activity level, and goals into consideration, all while holding you accountable and providing you with the support you need to be successful.  Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, gain muscle, improve overall health or prepare for a competition, we can help!

Here is what you will receive from our One on One Nutrition Coaching:

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire
  • Initial 45-minute consultation in person or by phone
  • Weight, measurements, and pictures (optional: but we’d like a starting point to monitor progress)
  • Weekly check-ins via email with feedback
  • Ongoing email support
  • Food log analysis
  • Short and long term goal setting
  • Customized nutrition planning*
  • Nutrition education (handouts, tips, recipe ideas)

*For those who are ready to make big changes and can demonstrate consistency with the basics, individualized macro calculations will be available.  We do not provide specific meal plans for you to follow because we want your diet to be realistic and sustainable, incorporating foods you will prepare, eat and enjoy. 

We kindly request a 3-month commitment to our Nutrition Coaching program because that is the amount of time it takes to see measurable results in body transformations, athletic improvements, and long-term habit changes. To encourage this, we will be offering a price break to those who make that minimum commitment to themselves and to the program.

Pricing Options (tax excluded):

  • $120/month for CrossFit Unlimited members or $103/month with 3 month commitment
  • $150/month for local non-members or $133/ month with 3 month commitment

Nutrition Coaching 2.0

For those clients who have completed the 3 month minimum and want to keep the accountability and guidance but are ready to become a little more independent.  With this option you will get 1 monthly check-in with our nutrition coach, either via email or in person, your choice.  You will send in all your data, any questions, issues, or changes to goals and receive feedback, suggestions, ideas and macro changes if necessary.  This option includes 2 emails per month to our coach with questions or concerns that may pop up between monthly check-ins.

Pricing Options (tax excluded):

  • $35/month for CrossFit Unlimited members (billed monthly on auto-renew)
  • $45/month for local non-members (billed monthly on auto-renew)

Additional Options:

  • $40 Grocery Store Visit – Our nutrition coach will go shopping with you. You bring your grocery list and she will show you better alternatives for your favorite items, teach you how to read nutrition labels, show you which items are most important to invest in and which ones are ok to save on (organic vs. non, meat quality, etc).
  • $20 My Fitness Pal Tutorial – If you are tracking your macros, our nutrition coach will show you how to set them up, calculate and add recipes, enter meals from restaurants, and filter out the confusing details so you can focus on only the ones you need to reach your goals.
  • $-$$$ Restaurant Visit – Our nutrition coach will go with you to your favorite restaurant and help you choose the best options for your plan and show you how to order and ask for what you want. If you need to break down the meal to weigh it for macro counting she will show you how to manage this at a restaurant. The cost is buying her meal, so it will vary depending on the place you choose.

Are you ready to make a change?  Sign up here and choose your start date!  For more information or questions, complete the form below and our Nutrition Coach will be in contact with you shortly.

Disclaimer: Our nutrition coach is not a doctor or a registered dietitian and therefore cannot diagnose or treat any medical or health issues.  Always consult your doctor on any matters regarding your health.
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