Before joining our regular CrossFit classes all new members must complete the Foundations Program.  This consists of three 90 minute sessions with a dedicated coach and costs $60.00.  Alternately, if you know you are committed to moving right into regular CrossFit classes upon completion of Foundations, you have the option of buying an Unlimited Membership (See Membership Options for pricing). In this instance, we will just schedule the Foundations classes into the beginning of your month. Foundations classes need to be completed within 2 weeks unless there are extenuating circumstances.

During the Foundations Program we are going to want to know a little more about you. We will be conducting assessments in order to understand you, your personal goals, your current health, and any concerns you may have. Once we have some understanding of your needs, we can help you achieve your goals!

Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program. We will introduce and refine techniques and discuss range of motion requirements for the following 9 foundational movements:

Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High- Pull (SDHP), and Medicine Ball Cleans.

Please understand that all movements have modifications and we are happy to work with all abilities.

To get more information or to sign up for our Foundations program, please fill out this contact form.

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Once we receive this, a coach will contact you within 48 hours to chat more with you or to schedule your first session!

The Foundations Program can be bypassed if you demonstrate competent knowledge of CrossFit components and pass a standard benchmark test with one of our coaches.

We look forward to meeting you!