At Destination CrossFit we think it’s important for kids to see their parents leading active, healthy lives. We have provided a dedicated space for your kids to hangout while you workout. Bringing your child to Destination CrossFit is a privilege, and as such we ask that you read and understand the Box Rules for Kids. It’s important to remember that this is a place of business, and the safety of our members and your child is the reason for the rules.

Children must be supervised while parent(s) workout.

At Destination CrossFit children will not be supervised by a qualified provider, so we ask that you keep your eyes on them while you workout. If they need attention or assistance it is your responsibility to stop working out and take care of the situation.

Please remember we are coaches, not daycare providers.

It is imperative to have all coaches on the floor to coach and motivate our athletes. If one of us is occupied with anything other than coaching our athletes, our ability to provide a quality service for our members is not possible.

If your child is sick, DO NOT bring them to the box!

If your child is sick (loose/weeping bodily fluids, fever of 100+, must be fever free for 24+ hours, etc.) do not bring them to the box regardless of how much you wish to workout. The sickness spreads and affects other families as well as the operation of the gym.

Please keep the kids area clean and tidy.

We regularly sanitize and clean, but we frown upon cleaning up a huge mess left in the room. Try to leave the kids area a little nicer than how you found it to help maintain a safe and clean environment for your (and our) children.

Toys are for playing, not destroying.

Parents will be held responsible to replace any damaged items, including the structure of the room. We expect each and every child (including our own!) to have self-control and respect for the coaches, the property, and other children. If this is not the case, we will inform you mid-workout to rectify the situation.

Children are not allowed on the gym floor during active workout sessions.

Because we offer numerous group classes throughout the day, it is imperative that all children stay in the kids area for obvious safety and insurance reasons.

Please refrain from giving your kids chewing gum while in the box. Profanity from and/or in front of children will not be tolerated!