Goal Setting

Set Some Goals, and Crush Them!

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.
— Melody Beattie

Today marks the beginning of a brand new year and a great opportunity to set some new life changing goals. Cliche as it may seem, setting goals at the start of a new year is very rewarding mentally and gives us targets to shoot for; a feeling of purpose and we feel great when we finally succeed at reaching those goals.

Almost everyone enthusiastically sets goals for themselves on New Years Day but unfortunately those big plans and goals typically fall to the wayside shortly after. One of the big reasons is that we are not held accountable. We mentally tell ourselves that we are going to make big changes but then soon forget or go back to old habits because we have no one to hold us accountable for our actions.

Ready for a challenge?

I have a challenge for you, one that will hopefully help you reach your goals in the new year and I encourage everyone to take part in this challenge whether you are a member of the DCF community or not. This challenge is simple and goes like this:

  1. After your workout today I want you to right down one goal that you have for the new year in the notes section of Wodify. This goal can be anything not just a fitness goal. Whatever big change you want to make or dream you have this is your opportunity to let everyone know. If you are not a member of our box just write your goal in the comments section of this blog.

  2. I also want you to write down when you plan to reach that goal and please be as specific as possible. This is a big part of this challenge so don’t skip it.

It’s that simple, by writing down your goal and the date that you plan to reach that goal, you will be held accountable by everyone in our DCF community, or anyone else you choose to share it with. Instead of just thinking about it now you will be more likely to act on it simply because its now out in the open and your friends will ask you about that goal as that date draws closer and closer. Also, one of the coaches will touch base with you from time to time, making sure you are progressing toward your goal, think of them as your accountability partner.

Set yourself up for success

  • “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal”

  • “A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan”

  • “A plan backed up with action turns into result”

The cool thing about this challenge is that there is no end to it and once you have accomplished one goal you move on to the next one, then the next and the next. By not only having goals but also having people hold you accountable to those goals, you will set yourself up for success and anything is possible.

So let’s get started, this challenge is for everybody whether you are a member of the DCF community or not. If you have a big goal or change that you want to make in the new year let us know by leaving a message in the comments section.

-Coach Shane Orchard

Goal Setting: How to set yourself up for success!

Did you know that people who write down their goals are 5 to 10 times more likely to achieve them? 

A new month is approaching, so grab a piece of paper or a journal and write down some goals for the month of February. Create your own monthly challenge! Your goals can be anything you want them to be: a new CrossFit PR, a change in your nutrition, something to improve your quality of life or peace of mind; maybe a combination of all those things. 

Here's what to do:

1. Choose a few goals for the month.

2. Make sure your goals are specific and measurable.

3. Write down why you want to make this happen. Knowing your ‘why’ or the driving force behind choosing those goals will make them more clear and specific. 

4. Write down 3-5 action steps you will make towards reaching those goals. What is something you can start today? What is something you can work up to for next week? What are the things you will not let stand in your way? 

Revisit the things you wrote down each day this month and hold yourself accountable to making them happen. You are welcome to share them with us too if it helps you with accountability. Good luck!

By Coach Amy Locati