Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight: Marian Reiber

1. Tell us about your first day at the box? How did you get to DCF?

I’m so glad I shared some of my physical limitations with the staff and was still encouraged to try CrossFit to see if that didn’t solve some of my problems. My balance was my biggest concern.  Even stepping up on the curb, I would only do it when I could grab someone’s arm or I could steady myself by leaning on a parked car. After only a couple of months at Cross Fit I can now navigate curbs feeling completely steady.

2. What keeps you coming to DCF?

I really appreciate the way exercises can be adjusted for my level of expertise without berating me.  All the other class members also continually bolster my morale rather than making me feel inferior to them.  I was amazed that you recognized the weakness in my left arm (because I had broken it a few years ago and have favored it ever since) and were able to structure exercises to help build up the lost muscle tone in that arm.  You did the same for my knee.

3. What do you tell people in the community about CrossFit?

I’ve shared my enthusiasm for CrossFit with a lot of people.  Some of them were under the false impression that it is only for the extreme muscle builders.  After sharing with them my first hand experiences, a couple of them said they were going to try it out.  I hope they do so that they can know first hand what a warm and supportive group it is; not only the coaching staff, but members of the classes too.

4. What are some of the things that have changed for you outside of DCF?

I enjoyed my time in Hawaii trying to get enough exercise in so that I don’t lose the muscle tone I have developed at DCF - it was nearly impossible! Nothing can replace a coach and fellow classmates cheering you on. Another thing that has changed for me is my choice of chairs.  My muscles had deteriorated to the place where I looked for chairs to sit in that weren’t too low and had arms.  Even then I had to push hard with my hands to get up.  Now I can easily stand up from most any chair.

5. What advice would you give someone On The FEnce about trying CrossFit?

I’m hoping that my example of what the elderly (I’m 85) can accomplish through proper coaching and encouragement, will be a catalyst for other people my age to try it out.