Why Team Up?

This will be my fourth year doing the CrossFit team series. This year I am partnered up with Bryan Martin. We are team Shartin. He has kept me smiling in tough times and been the most loyal friend while I have been distracted. He reaches out to me to keep me laughing and believes I can do anything even when I fall short of my expectations.

The team series used to consist of 4 person teams and my first two years I had the same teammates. Over the course of four weeks I had a consistent time where I was pushing myself and my members of my team to go a little harder than usual. Our team didn't always get through every wod. Some of us (me) got stuck on muscle ups and without shame or blame my team constantly supported me in my attempts to get one for over 7 minutes. 

By doing the team series you may surprise yourself on wods. Two years ago, I lifted my max snatch weight multiple times in an effort to get as many done as possible in one of the workouts. Last year Coach Shane and I found that we sync up pretty well on pull-ups and burpees. Know yourself friends. As a cautionary tale please check yourself before you wreck yourself. I have had years where I have pushed myself, sometimes to injury. We would rather have you injury free than spending months recovering from an injury.

Here at DCF I have seen members on our Saturday partner day push themselves just that extra bit because they cared about their team doing well together. I have seen members check their ego and do the wod at a different level to make sure that everyone had an opportunity to join a wod. A wod calling for a team of 2 invited a third person without a pause. 

On September 9th we had a synchronized workout to represent that all of us have someone who we can reach out to when we need. I was moved when I saw people paired up with a new connection. Even members who usually work out on their own joined forces. It was awesome to see everyone working together and when they finished they wrote about what gives them strength.

I challenge you to do the team series. You all have that homie who you love to see when you come to class. That person who knows your goals and wants to help you get there. That friend you don't talk to as often as you used to. Reach out to them and ask for them to be your team mate. One of our primary values at DCF is about the connection to each other. Showing up just as you are. Where you are. 

Our plan is to put out the list of judges who can judge your wods this week. Wednesday is when the wods will be announced and we can do some more game planning that day depending on how many workouts we need to fit in. The next two weekends will be set up like our Friday night lights series and we also have partner wods on Saturdays. 

If you don't decide to do the team series you can show your support by cheering, maybe complete the judge course online, bring a treat to Friday night lights and encourage folks who participate along the way.

To register visit: https://games.crossfit.com/teamseries

-Coach Nikki Sharp