CrossFit Outside the Box

Why did we pick the name Destination CrossFit? Each of us on our team will have different answers and for good reason. Each of us have had different journeys that led us to CrossFit. Mine is varied. I have always loved group events. I loved going for a run with a friend or signing up for a bike ride. I also loved a challenge and walking into my first CrossFit home was indeed just that. 

Ask any of our members and you would all have a unique story of how you got into the door in the first place and took that first step. The investment in myself has transferred to my job satisfaction. My mindset has changed. Got a project? Give me a 9 minute amrap! Need to unplug after a stressful day? Get into the box shake off the day and get a good night sleep after. Need a hug of encouragement? It is there.  I have always seen CrossFit as a catalyst to my other endeavors and outside of the box activities. 

How has CrossFit helped you be different outside of the box?

-Coach Nikki Sharp