Dropping In: A How-to Guide

Something on my to do list every time I travel, is to check out the local boxes and drop in while I am there. It wasn’t always this way. I was usually nervous. I didn’t know what to expect from a different box. What if it wasn’t like home? The great news is that almost every box I have been to likes hosting drop ins, but almost everyone has a different process for dropping in too. I am going to offer a few tips that have helped me along the way with having great experiences!

  1. Check the website for the gym. Look at pictures or their Facebook page to see what the culture of the box is like. I typically pick a box that matches how I feel we are at DCF. Friendly. Approachable. Funny T-shirts. Group photos and smiles are key for me.
  2. I look on the webpage for their drop in policy. Sometimes they want an email explaining how long you have doing CrossFit. (Tip: they usually want to know if you know how to scale yourself, love getting feedback and like to learn)
  3. I will try to arrive at least 15 min early for the class if I can’t reserve a spot online. That way I can see the space, hit the restroom, fill out the waiver, buy a T-shirt, pay the drop in fee, etc. 
  4. Be yourself. We have some of the friendliest people at our gym. So smile. Introduce yourself to the coach. Say hi to a few people and hand out some high fives. 

I hope you check out other boxes. If you are thinking about a particular place, it is possible one of our members or coaches have been there! We are part of a giant CrossFit community all over the world and we love seeing you out using your skills while you are away from us. Post your pictures while you are away and even tag us at @destinationcrossfitww so we can cheer you on from afar.

If you have other tips for dropping in feel free to comment and post! Also there was a great post in the CrossFit journal about dropping in. Here it is!

-Coach Nikki Sharp